Recovery & Rebound

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The course covers the five steps (explained below) that have been proven in high performance settings to be an excellent framework for leaders / coaches to build and sustain a one team culture. 

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Here's What Teams Need to Recover & Rebound

These five elements are essential but it can seem daunting for leaders facing tight budgets and workplace restrictions.

That's why we are offering a Free Fast Start in the form of the five day online Leading Through Disruption Course (featuring videos, guides, a downloadable workbook and tools)

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Here's the Course Structure

Day 1. Know The Challenge

Most of the big challenges you and your team will face in the coming months are complex and adaptive. That requires a different mindset and set of practices and tools to navigate the uncertainty and difficulties.

Day 2. Look After Yourself

As much as you want to support and protect your family and team, that's only sustainable if you know how to care for yourself, so you deliver in the moments that matter. That's about protecting your most important asset.

Day 3. Find True North

Business plans will change in an instant, and strategies look completely different as COVID-19 impacts our community. That makes it essential for you and your team to know what 'true north' really means so you maintain a strong sense of purpose and direction.

Day 4. Scaffold The Team

The more dispersed your team, and the greater the uncertainty, the more important it becomes to have a clear and strong 'scaffolding'. A Team Canvas which defines and guides operating rhythm, team dynamics and use of shared tools is essential.

Day 5. Spin The ACL

'Spin the ACL' is a core Think One Team tool and means leading your team around an operating rhythm of Alignment, Collaboration & Learning.

That cadence will help to avoid misalignment, breakdowns in team dynamics and mistakes caused by slowness to adapt to fast changing conditions.

In disruptive times operating rhythm is THE key to adapting fast and staying composed and in control.

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Reduce the Risks for Your Team

The risks to performance and wellbeing of leaders and leadership teams are substantial during the recovery and rebound from COVID-19. Take a moment to reflect on what you can do to give yourself and your team the best chance of avoiding disunity, stress and poor execution.

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