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How a Chief Executive Found Clarity in the Moments that Matter

Bringing Your Best Self in Moments that Matter

The Chief Executive of a well known Australian enterprise engaged me last year to coach him through a difficult period. Unplanned changes to the Executive Team, misfiring  technology implementations, and slow growth in a new channel were creating a lot of 'noise' for the CE across the organisation and with a somewhat divided Board.

There were many technical challenges (structure, processes, financials), but the real issues were the complex adaptive challenges (Board confidence, strategy execution in a tough environment,...

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Make a Clear Mind Your Superpower

leadership mindfulness Apr 27, 2020

Clarity is the Key

Imagine you are driving through the busy, jumbled streets of Mumbai.

Where do you focus your attention? How do you navigate the endlessly changing streetscape? Could you plan your way through every metre of the journey? What would happen if you turned to gesture angrily at the driver who just cut you off?

Exactly! You’d crash, and soon decide it was impossible to drive in Mumbai. You might be right. But good Mumbai drivers bring a special type of mindset - a Clear Mind.

They’re composed and alert, focused in the moment, scanning for upcoming risks and...

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