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What's Your 'Go To Plan' for Tough Times?

Planning for Uncertainty

In the lead up to the Sydney Olympic Games, part of my role as Chief Psychologist was to co-design the pre-briefing process for every athlete and official in the Australian Team (approximately 975 people).

While preparing, I came across a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr which has become one of my favourites (apologies for the slight paraphrasing):

'I seek the simplicity on the far side of complexity'

That quote helped to shape a simple framework or tool which has underpinned my coaching of business leaders and professional sportspeople for the...

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Understanding the Emotional Roller Coaster of COVID-19

Pause for a Moment

Reflect on how we are going to navigate the emotional roller coaster of COVID-19.

Of course, that assumes it will be a roller coaster. However, if my conversations with clients and colleagues this week are any guide, then they are pointing towards a lift in emotional intensity amongst people at work, in families and across the community.

The ebb and flow of feelings seems faster and more pointed. Of course there is some joy and fun, but there is a rising tone of fear, worry and frustration.

Loss in many forms is with us, and it is spreading ahead of the virus.

  • Loss of...
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