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How to Turn Leaders into Coaches to Create a One Team Culture

Reinventing Leadership

My previous two blogs presented the basic challenge for leaders.

Deliver performance and sustain wellbeing in the most cost constrained, disrupted and unpredictable environment seen in over half a century.

We know conventional leadership practices won't cut it in this environment, and neither will the usual team development methods.

The case for reinventing leadership (and the methods of development) is compelling because enterprises simply won't recover and rebound unless their leaders respond to adaptive challenges by bringing their people with them. 


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Why You Can't Recover Unless Your Leaders Can Coach

An Intriguing Question

My previous blog shared the question that forward thinking CEO's and HR Executives are asking: 

How do we equip, support and de-risk our leaders and leadership teams when budgets are so tight and conventional training, development and facilitation aren't possible in the new working environment?

Let's name the elephant in the room. The biggest risks to recovery and rebound sit squarely with leaders who lack the capabilities to deliver performance and to sustain personal and team wellbeing in an environment of:

  • Rapid and unpredictable disruption to...
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The Biggest Risk to Recovery & Rebound? Leadership Teams

Good News or Bad News. Which do you want first?

Let's start with the good news.  COVID-19 is no longer a health crisis in Australia. Our political leaders and health experts have not just flattened the curve of daily infections; they're on the cusp of squashing even the smallest of outbreaks. Risks remain but we're in a good place.

Now the bad news. Politicians and health experts won't fix the second crisis: the economic damage from domestic and international shutdowns which already has banks like Westpac setting aside $22 billion to cover rising bad debts and defaults,...

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