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Mindful Sport is about one thing that powers a thousand other things: mindset. No one masters sport with the wrong mindset, and everyone can play better with a Game Mindset.

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Understand Game Mindset

The mind is the secret to sports mastery but conventional training and preparation can leave us ill-equipped to master the mental game.

That's where the simple and inspiring Game Mindset framework (Clear Mind, Play Brave, Play Clever, Play Better), combines with exercises and drills, to give you an easy pathway to be on top of your mental game.

Mindful Sport offers programs, resources and guided coaching to help you to unlock the power of your Game Mindset.

Make a Fast Start 

Everyone from school sports players to top Olympic and professional athletes deserves a simple, practical way to develop their mental skills for sport, learning and life.

The Mindful Sport Fast Start is that practical starting point in the form of a one week course which introduces the simplicity and power of the Game Mindset. 

The Fast Start Program is currently in the final stages of testing and will be released as an online course in the near future.

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Master the Essentials

Imagine an eight week program that embeds mindset development into the regular skill and fitness training for Schools, Clubs, and Squads.

Mindful Sport Essentials is that simple, practical and effective program combining digital learning and in-the-field exercises.

Mindful Sport Essentials is available in tailored form for Schools and will be developed into a blended program later in 2020.

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Game Mindset. The Mindset You Need to Be Your Best

Here's the mindset of successful sportspeople:

Clear Mind - composed, focused in the moment, simple plans and adapting fast

Play Brave - bold goals, putting it on the line and holding the tension

Play Clever - knowing your game, understanding the game and making smart choices

Play Better - applying a growth mindset, being ready and optimistic

Are you frustrated or optimistic that there's more to your game?

Take action right now by registering your interest in the Mindful Sport Fast Start Program.

Stop wondering and start getting ready to experience a super-practical way to develop your mindset AND to train and play your sport at the same time.

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Interested in a Tailored Program for Your School, Club or Squad?

The disruptions of 2020 mean that coaches and administrators are facing a totally different environment from the conditions of the past. Let us know if you would like support or ideas to help adapt your program to the new challenges.

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