Eight Week Program for Schools & Clubs. 

Sport is played above the shoulders. We all know this because we can play brilliantly one day, and poorly the next. Our basic ability doesn't change. The problem is simple. Technique and talent are overrated. To master our game we need to be calm and composed, quietly confident and clever in decision making.

These are the skills and practices of Mindful Sport, and you can develop them as part of your School or Club Sport program with a tailored Mindful Sport Essentials Program designed by three times Australian Olympic Team Chief Psychologist, Graham Winter.

(Please note that a sport-specific version of the program is available for cricket)

Why Mindful Sport Works

Across eight weeks, Mindful Sport Essentials addresses the big issues for sportspeople and coaches:

  • Week One. How to create the game mindset used by champions
  • Week Two. How to discover the potential of your mindset
  • Week Three. How to develop calmness and composure in the moments that matter
  • Week Four. How to reset concentration and keep it going for the whole competition
  • Week Five. How to create simple Go-to-Plans which hold up under pressure
  • Week Six. How to lean into the fear of failure and go towards the success you want
  • Week Seven. How to set smart strategies and make clever choices
  • Week Eight. How to bring a growth mindset and optimism to even the toughest of challenges
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"The eight week Mindful Sport Program helped me develop the clear mind and confidence I'd been missing. I really appreciated the simple, easy to apply tools which meant that I could train my mindset alongside my usual training sessions.

Definitely recommend to anyone who is keen to improve their approach to sport and life"


Your Essentials Program is designed by three times Australian Olympic Team Chief Psychologist, Graham Winter. That means you have someone who's played sport at a professional level and coached some of the best athletes in the world. It's like having your own world class performance coach!

Stuff to Know

Mindful Sport Essentials features videos, audio and workbook extracts to make the concepts super clear, simple and easy to apply for athletes and coaches.

Mindful Practices

Learn simple and effective mindful practices which have been proven through research and practical experience to enhance performance and wellbeing. Practice activities can be done at home, at sports training, workshops or everyday life, to make mindfulness a life skill which means it will be more reliable in those big moments.

In-The-Field Exercises

A unique feature of Mindful Sport is the way the concepts are integrated into sports training and coaching programs. Every Module has in-the-field exercises and is supported by a Coaches Guide.

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