Unlock your potential. 

Here at Mindful Sport we've designed a one week FAST START PROGRAM to help you create the mindset you need to be the best sportsperson you can be.

In less than one week, using a mix of digital learning and in-the-field exercises you will learn about Game Mindset, and discover why it is the key to unlocking sport potential. Four short Modules answer four big questions:

  • Why is sport played above the shoulders?
  • How does mindset get in the way of enjoyment and success?
  • What is the secret to the mindset of sport champions?
  • How to make an immediate positive change in your mental game?

MINDFUL SPORT FAST START is designed for sports people and coaches at all levels, and will be available through our Digital Academy in the near future.

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"Mindful Sport absolutely changed the way I approach my training and competition. No longer is mindset something out of reach, but instead it's something tangible that I can train and improve every day"


Your Fast  Start Program is designed by three times Australian Olympic Team Chief Psychologist, Graham Winter. That means you have someone who's played sport at a professional level and coached some of the best athletes in the world. It's like having your own world class performance coach!

Discover the Game Mindset

To master your game you need a formula. A simple, reliable formula which clears the mind, embraces the challenge, and helps you to master the game in even the toughest of circumstances. Game Mindset is that formula and you are about to learn it!

Own Your Space

Your mindset isn't just in your mind. It shows in the way you perform in the big moments. Mastery in sport means mastering the moments that matter, and we'll show you how to do that by 'Owning your Space'.

Hold Your Shape

With the right mindset, you'll bring your best when you need it. That ability to access the technique and the strategies you've trained for is all about executing under pressure, and we call that 'Holding your Shape'. It's one of the foundations of Mindful Sport.

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Mindful Sport Fast Start is being built in our Digital Academy and will be available in the near future, so please register your interest.

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