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Performance, wellbeing and unity in business, sport, learning and life


Welcome to Graham Winter Psychology.

Hello, I'm Graham Winter. My passion is people performance and wellbeing, and my background includes Chief Psychologist for three Australian Olympic Teams, and author of the business best seller, Think One Team.

Here at Graham Winter Psychology we help people to develop and sustain the mindset, skills and practices to be the best they can be in business, sport, learning and life.

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Business Performance, Wellbeing & Unity.

Enterprises want to recover and rebound from COVID-19 but how do they deliver performance, while avoiding the threat of disunity and stress?

Conventional training & development is too expensive and can't work in the restrictions.

That's why we've reinvented leadership team development by turning leaders into coaches of a one team culture.

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Sport Mindset, Mastery & Performance.

Are you frustrated or optimistic there is more to your sport? Better results & more enjoyment from a changed mindset?

Our Mindful Sport Framework is helping athletes, sportspeople and coaches from school to international level create the mindset they need to be the best they can be.

During the next few months we will be progressively launching digital programs in Mindful Sport, and Mindful Cricket.

Learn How to Create the Mindset to Play Mindful Sport

What Will Make or Break Your Business Recovery?

Our business clients are telling us there are tough decisions to be made, and huge risks from disunity, stress and falling back into siloed ways of working.

They're also facing tight budgets and distancing restrictions, so it is imperative that they create a one team culture of performance, wellbeing and unity.

That's why we've reinvented leadership team development to equip leaders as coaches of a one team high performance culture.


Eliminate the Risk of Disunity & Stress Blowing up Your Business Recovery

We know your budget is tight and you don't need a workshop or detailed program, but you do want performance, unity and wellbeing.

That's why we've combined our skills in working with high performance coaching programs in sport, and our Think One Team suite of tools to give you the three things a Leader needs to coach their team. A Fast Start, a Game Plan and Playbook.

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We help people to achieve and sustain high performance, wellbeing and unity in business, sport, learning and life